In case the attraction of wildlife is one of your ideas among your hotel, we advise or design a natural environment to draw either bird, insects such butterflies, moths, etc, which will add more value and natural attraction to your property, therefore keeping clients for longer stays.

We design trails, special observation spots, natural feeders, bird observation platforms up in the canopy, adding of particular plants according to the avifauna of your location.
Among vital information now days to attract birders to your hotel or lodge is to have a Bird checklist of your location, remember that birding is the highest growing hobby world wide, might as well aim to this sightseer niche.

I have been a Birdwatcher tour leader for over 20 years and developed bird checklists for different places around Costa Rica:

- Bird checklist of Eco Lodge, Tilaran Guanacaste. 1991
- Bird checklist of Amistad Lodge, Las Mellizas, Coto Brus. 1993
- Bird checklist of Temptress cruises Panama & Belize / Guatemala. 1995
- Bird checklist of Reserva Privada Espino Blanco, Turrialba, 2005
- Bird checklist of Hotel Casa Turire, Turrialba. 2008