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Throughout the last decades, Costa Rica has become a very important international destination; its high conservation levels of natural resources, draw hundreds of thousands of visitors each year who expect to visit active volcanoes, beaches, National Parks and private biological reserves which together make up at least 35% of the Costa Rican territory already protected, housing an incredible amount of species either flora or fauna inside this amazing tropical eco-systems.

Been a country with only a bit over 19000 square feet, limiting with the pacific ocean and the Caribbean sea, lakes, active volcanoes and mountains reaching a bit more than 8000 feet above sea level, makes this wonderful tropical territory habitat for at least 5% of the world biodiversity, placing Costa Rica as one of the sites with the highest biodiversity in the planet. Costa Rica with its easygoing and peace lover people offers you all these tropical wonders to discover exuberance from on a harmonic and pacific social-politic environment.

What a better place to invest whether to buy a second house, start you retirement plan or either to invest with commercial purposes, SEPROTUR has put together a professional services platform in order to support to any of your projects in Costa Rica, with experts in the transactions businesses besides banking information if necessary.

Business and pleasure can be a perfect combination in Costa Rica, SEPROTUR present specialized assistance and the highest levels to organize any special event, big conferences, congresses, workshops or international symposium.

Therefore, if your journey to Costa Rica is to enjoy ecological vacations, business, investing on commercial levels or simply thinking on buying a second house, experience assurance with the services provided by SEPROTUR of Costa Rica.