Costa Rica Real Estate

Real Estate industry has become a worldwide business. With access to the last of the technology, internet and a great variety of communications, a growing number of buyers whishing to invest buying properties in other countries.

However, together with this desires some challenges also appear, risks and uncertainties. Therefore, if you are a Costa Rican client who is buying property in foreign country or a client out of Costa Rica who wants to invest in our country, you need a partner not to help you look after your investment but also guide you and your lawyer throughout the whole process.

SEPROTUR offers you experts on the business transactions, besides necessary banking information if needed. We provided you property titles research, free and clear.

Moreover, we understand your concerns that may arise at the moment of this kind of investments, language difficulty, not knowing local customs and other cause that may appear during the transaction which may cause some doubts. En SEPROTUR we will assist you understanding our culture, customs, laws and procedures to make feel comfortable buying a property in Costa Rica.

Either you are getting real estate in commercial level or merely thinking on purchasing a second house, you can trust in SEPROTUR.

Why Costa Rica? | Steps to reasure a clear transaction

Properties in Costa Rica

2 properties
Hotel Restaurante Alto Palomo Hotel and Restaurant Alto Palomo - Central Valley, Costa Rica
US $ 0
Property No.: 001
Quiet and different, allowing you to enjoy natural trails through a magnificent cloud forest, where hummingbirds decor our gardens among so many other species of birds. Comfortable and spacious Bar–Restaurant with a varied menu specializing in meats,
Finca Tayutic Tayutic Farm - Turrialba - Orosi Valley, Costa Rica
US $ 80000
Property No.: 0002
Beautiful location, volcanoes view, forest + open areas.